How It Works

GreenTow Trailers are the product of revelotionary mechanical design blended with proven and efficient electrical engenireering. GreenTow’s are unique in many ways. For more information on specific models see the ‘Trailers’ link above; but for a basic understanding of how our units work, your in the right place. 

Panels take in the suns power; which is then sent to the batteries.

GreenTow Mobile Solar Power PV Modules

The Batteries receive everything the PV modules produce and store it until the inverters call for it.GreenTow Mobile Solar Power Batteries

The inverters are the brains behing the operation; and with our exclusive OutBack mobile system there’ s no need to worry.

GreenTow Mobile Solar Power Inverter

Sometimes the PV modules can’t keep up with the power demands or maybe high usage at night runs the batteries low. This is why we offer a build-in back-up generator. The system will only turn the generator on when it needs it. While on, the generator will meet current power demands and fill the batteries. As soon as it’s no longer needed it will automatically turn off. GreenTow hybrid systems are the most automated and efficient; no question about it.GreenTow Mobile Solar Power Generator

The Control Panel gives you a comprehensive look at everything thats happening on a large LCD display; not to mention, this is where you plug in! Our new standard quick charge option allows you to plug a GreenTow into any outlet to charge it quickly.GreenTow mobile solar trailer control panel

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About Us

GreenTow: The leader in Mobile Solar Power.

Entering production in 2008, GreenTow spent much of it’s preproduction days in developing and fine tuning the mechanical and electrical engineering of their Mobile Solar Trailers. Since our first successful launch, GreenTow has developed three proven models; the GT916, GT1936 and GT3049. Though the names and performances have changed over time; the basic need each model was designed to meet hasn’t changed.  Located in Sunny St. George, UT USA GreenTow is a debt free, privately owned business. This allows GreenTow to quickly adjust to market trends and new technology without having to wait for approvals on funding or direction. To be brief: No One Comes Close.

We are striving the keep the company structure small and managable while at the same time increasing production output and capabality. So far we have been successful! Our small corporate structure allows for quick integration of new componants; fast redesign times on custom units and a reliable product that we can put our name and warranty behind!

GreenTow Mobile Solar Power Building

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Digital Media

Please view the downloadable documents for more detailed information on our Mobile Solar Trailers:

GreenTow eBrochure


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