Trailer Models


GreenTow trailers are state of the art mobile solar power units.
Created with top of the line components and materials, GreenTow Solar Trailers are made of the best of what the solar and green energy industry have to offer. Coupled with creative engineering and real world input, GreenTow has created the first of its kind. A functional state of the art solar trailer providing clean, quiet, green MOBILE POWER.


GreenTow is always updating and progressing. For the latest in products specs please visit this page often.


GreenTow Mobile Solar Trailer stats



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Why use GreenTow over a standard generator:

  • No Noise pollution
  • No Fuel
  • No Emissions
  • No Maintenance
  • No Pollution of any kind


Why use GreenTow instead of another mobile solar unit:

  • All locking and secure
  • All enclosed
  • All weather proof
  • Most efficient mobile solar trailer in the world
  • Smallest foot print for power production
  • Fully deployable in 60 second
  • Exclusive array design protect panel while in transit
  • Only system that uses Class I Division II modules (designed for hazardous conditions)
  • No manufacturer warranties have been voided
  • GreenTow bumper to bumper warranty
  • etc etc etc… 

GreenTow offers a full bumper to bumper warranty on all our units. We have gone through great design and engineering hurdles to maintain and not void any manufacturer warranty’s of the products we incorporate into our units. So your Kyocera PV module warranty of 20 years… ya, that’s still good!

GT916 Mobile Solar Trailer

GT1932 Mobile Solar Trailer

GT3049 Mobile Solar Trailer

GT3049 Mobile Solar Trailer