OutBack Mate3

As always, GreenTow Mobile Solar Trailers are first! With the unveiling of the new OutBack Mate3… OutBack Power wanted to make sure the new unit would meet and exceed industry standards and expectations. Which is why they came to GreenTow. GreenTow, will be the first Mobile Solar Trailer in the world to test and display the new OutBack Mate3. The OutBack Mate3 Advanced Power System is a new leap forward in remote monitoring, array stats, comprehensive battery monitoring and an easy to read and operate extra large LCD display! Outback Power already provides GreenTow with an exclusive mobile, off-grid inverter package. It only seemed natural for the testing of the new Mate3 in off-grid mobile environments to be done by a team like GreenTow. GreenTow always features the latest the solar industry has to offer. The OutBack Mate3 is just another example of our superior edge in the mobile solar market. GreenTow will start incorporating the OutBack Mate3 by mid first quarter, 2011.