GreenTow Website Update

GreenTow is happy to announce the publishing of their new Web site.

“This site is easier to navigate and will show the customer what we really have to offer in a professional manner,” President Todd Myers said. The new site explains to people who are just coming into the solar industry the technology behind green power.

“We have the understanding and want to make sure the rest of the public is aware of what they can do to create a better environment for their children and grandchildren to be able to enjoy the beauty of the world as we have been able to,” Myers said.

We hope this redesign will allow customers to know their product before investing in their own future with the revolutionary GreenTow Trailer.

Charlotte, Media Relations

Green Power For The Rest Of Us

I live in a brick townhouse (or row house) in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland, USA. It’s about 60 years old and going strong. It has a slate roof that is original and at the moment watertight. There are about 500 nearly identical houses in my neighborhood. None will ever have a solar panel or small wind turbine on its roof.

Why? There are a number of reasons. The neighborhood has a strong association with a strict set of restrictions that basically says we’re supposed to keep our houses looking as near original as possible…

June 15, 2009 – Vol. 14 No. 13
by Bruce Mulliken, Green Energy News

Funding Rules To Aid Renewables Unveiled

The Treasury and the Energy Department today unveiled long-awaited new rules under which the government will pay up to 30 percent of the cost of renewable energy projects.

Congress authorized the program as part of the stimulus package in February, but many projects have been delayed as investors waited to apply for the grants.

Government officials said that although there is no cap for the money, they expected to give out $3 billion in grants…

June 9th, 2009
by Mathew L. Wald

Mitsubishi Electric Sportlights Products That May Qualify For Stimulus Money

CYPRESS, Calif. — HVAC, building automation, elevator, rail propulsion and water treatment systems are among the Mitsubishi products that may qualify for Recovery Act funding, the company’s U.S. operations said.

Mitsubishi Electric U.S. Group Holdings released a summary today of its products that can be used in commercial and industrial facilities, as well as in homes and communities.

The shortlist includes solar panels; HVAC systems; non-toxic, chemical-free ozone water treatment systems for industrial and municipal use; power circuit breakers, …

June 7th, 2009
by Staff, GreenBix

GreenTow Releases Three New Models

GreenTow has recently released three new trailer models that continue to exceed market expectations: the GT108, GT1724, and GT3047. These include the largest model yet with 36 panels and the smallest model with 6 panels.

Improvements on these new models include increased space efficiency to allow easy access to components, increase battery storage, increased ease of towing. Additionally, a storage compartment is now included for all your specific needs.

The array has been redesigned and is now patent-pending. The redesign increases performance in weather conditions of all types, towing efficiency, and panel integrity

The ventilation system has also been adjusted to ensure that components operate at optimum temperatures.

Charlotte, Media Relations

Three New Models In Production

Saturday, President Todd Myers confirmed the production of three new models. “We have decided to go forward with our new models. We feel that the industry is ready, we feel that we are ready.”

The stats and designs will be available shortly to the public. GreenTow has expressed a desire to have all three models available for purchase by mid-March.

Charlotte, Media Relations

Fuel Efficient Tires 101

Did you know that some car tires are more efficient than others? It’s true; some tires use less energy as they roll along the road and therefore make your car, minivan, SUV or pickup consume less gas. Fuel efficient tires can be designed to use less energy while being just as safe and lasting just as long as other, less efficient models. Therefore, they are a great way to save some money at the pump and cut our oil consumption and carbon pollution from cars and trucks…

June 15, 2009
by NRDC Switchboard