About Us

GreenTow: The leader in Mobile Solar Power.

Entering production in 2008, GreenTow spent much of it’s preproduction days in developing and fine tuning the mechanical and electrical engineering of their Mobile Solar Trailers. Since our first successful launch, GreenTow has developed three proven models; the GT916, GT1936 and GT3049. Though the names and performances have changed over time; the basic need each model was designed to meet hasn’t changed.  Located in Sunny St. George, UT USA GreenTow is a debt free, privately owned business. This allows GreenTow to quickly adjust to market trends and new technology without having to wait for approvals on funding or direction. To be brief: No One Comes Close.

We are striving the keep the company structure small and managable while at the same time increasing production output and capabality. So far we have been successful! Our small corporate structure allows for quick integration of new componants; fast redesign times on custom units and a reliable product that we can put our name and warranty behind!

GreenTow Mobile Solar Power Building