Rugged Military Grade Batteries

GreenTow uses commercial/military grade Sun Xtender batteries, model PVX-2580L 12v. With a single battery capacity of 165 AH (Ampere Hours) at 1 hour and 258 AH at 20 hours, these 165 lbs. deep cycle AGM (absorbent glass mat) batteries are a perfect fit for a mobile solar system. Depending on your needs, GreenTow trailers can be configured with as few as 4 batteries (1×4=48volts @ 165 AH) or as many as 36 batteries (9×4=48volts @ 1,485 AH), providing as much as 2,322 AH of power on a 24 hour rate. Bottom line – GreenTow trailers are capable of producing 19,500 watts @ 120 volts for 30 minutes, or 12,700 watts @ 120 volts for 8 continuous hours without the assistance of the generator or solar array.